The AF2E wants to help equipment manufacturers in the agri-food sector with their exports

The association, created last month, is a continuation of the work of Adepta, which joined Medef International in 2021.

L’AF2E veut aider les équipementiers de l’agroalimentaire à l’export

There are many organisations working to help French companies export. These include Business France, Medef International and a whole host of entities, or development centres, belonging to certain trade unions or professional organisations. “Each one has its advantages, but also its disadvantages: some operate solely on behalf of major groups, while others are only interested in the members of their unions and therefore cut themselves off from the upstream or downstream sectors, and there are those who work according to the missions entrusted to them by the government”, explains Jean-Marc Doré. The latter, along with a number of founding members, has just set up Agri & Food Equipement Export (AF2E), a new association whose aim will be to help French equipment manufacturers in the agri-food sector to develop their exports.


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