AF2E is a member of the Team France Filière Equipment and Solution for Agriculture and Agri-Food

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, this approach now allows stakeholders in these sectors to work together around a common issue: to boost the promotion of the French offer internationally.

Lancement de la première Team France Filière pour l’Agriculture et l’Agro

The main objectives of the France Filière Team are the targeting of priority export markets, the collection of the specific needs of the sector, the identification of actions to support internationalization or the implementation of a program of coordinated actions.

This joint work will make it possible to respond effectively to the technological needs and investment opportunities issued by foreign operators.

The launch of the TFF was made official during the last agricultural show in the presence of Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, and Laurent Saint Martin, Director General of Business France .

The members of the France Filière Team are:

  • AF2E, Agri & Food Equipment Export association,
  • AFAÏA, the professional union of players in the cultivation support , mulch, organic amendments, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers and bio-stimulants sector,
  • AGRONOV, France’s first agricultural innovation accelerator,
  • ALLIANCE BIOCONTROLE: the French association of biocontrol product companies,
  • AXEMA, the French union of industrial players in the agro-equipment and agri-environment sector,
  • EKIP, the union of French manufacturers of equipment for bakery, pastry, ice cream, confectionery, chocolate, bakery and catering.
  • EVOLIS, professional organization bringing together French manufacturers of packaging, packaging, marking, labeling and palletizing machines,
  • LA FERME DIGITALE, an association which aims to promote innovation and digital technology for efficient, sustainable and civic-minded agriculture,
  • GEPPIA, Group of Process and Packaging Equipment Manufacturers for the Agri-Food Industries,
  • INNO’VIN, the cluster of the wine industry in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region,
  • SEMAE, the agricultural inter-professional association for the seeds and plants sector,
  • VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, plant competitiveness cluster.