Who are we ?

Matthieu Cillard

Matthieu CILLARD
Président d’AF2E

Why a new tool for exporting?

The creation of the Association Agri & Food Equipement Export (AF2E) is a significant step towards ensuring the continuity of export promotion within our French SMEs and ETIs. In an ever-changing global context, where the agricultural and food industries are major economic pillars, the creation of our organisation dedicated to expanding equipment exports makes perfect sense.

The AF2E was born first and foremost from an observation. We no longer find what made Adepta so valuable: regular industry meetings, a network of complementary French exporting companies, mission proposals in countries with strong development potential where an integrated offer is required.

AF2E’s foundations are based on a pragmatic reality. The association aims to act as a hub and catalyst for exchanges between the key players: producers, suppliers, governments and existing aid agencies. It is committed to building bridges, removing bureaucratic obstacles and facilitating international business opportunities.

The transition of many Adepta members to AF2E underlines the continuity of an essential mission. This transition demonstrates confidence in a new entity that is committed to continuing the work already begun. It also represents a determination to adapt to current challenges while remaining true to the values of excellence and international cooperation. Meeting this challenge will be done in close cooperation with Team France Export, because success is above all a team affair.

In conclusion, AF2E is shaping up to be a dynamic force in the promotion of exports of equipment for the agricultural and agri-food industries. Its pragmatic approach, its commitment to innovation and its clear desire for international collaboration promise a fruitful future for a fundamental industry on a global scale.

Agri-equipment manufacturers and agri-food equipment suppliers, join us now!