Membres AF2E au CFIA

Launch of the “Member of /Member of AF2E” display on the occasion of the last CFIA in Rennes

A few months after its creation, AF2E members are proud to show their belonging to AF2E during the CFIA (Carrefour des fourniseurs de l'industrie agroalimentaire) which was held in Rennes from March 12 to 14, 2024.
Salon Djazzagro Alger

AF2E was present at DJAZAGRO 2024 in Alger

AF2E and 7 of its members (CLAUGER, EUROFOURS, PIERRE GUERIN, SERVI DORY, STERIFLOW, TECMA ARIES, THIMONNIER), participated in the Professional Food Production Exhibition which took place in Algiers from April 22 to 25.
Lancement de la première Team France Filière pour l’Agriculture et l’Agro

AF2E is a member of the Team France Filière “Equipment and Solution for Agriculture and Agri-Food”

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, this approach now allows stakeholders in these sectors to work together around a common issue: to boost the promotion of the French offer internationally.
Assemblée Générale 2024

AF2E organized its first constitutive General Assembly on February 1, 2024

On the program of this meeting which was held in the premises of Business France: the election of the Board of Directors, the Presidents of the “Milk & Meat” and “Bakery” Sector groups and the priority actions planned for the year 2024.
L’AF2E veut aider les équipementiers de l’agroalimentaire à l’export

The AF2E wants to help equipment manufacturers in the agri-food sector with their exports

The association, created last month, is a continuation of the work of Adepta, which joined Medef International in 2021.